Work is a wolf: How to build a successful career

Five secrets of successful career development from Olena Bilan, chief economist of the investment company Dragon Capital. What is more important: education or practical skills? In the Ukrainian reality, that question sounds indecorous. At any rate, a higher education diploma is an important item in a job seeker’s CV in our country; sometimes it is […]

New Age Leadership

What is the role of a leader? The role of a leader, is to inspire people, and help people go beyond their call of duty and capacity to achieve the shared vision. Developing leaders faster than competition is the only way to succeed in the new age economy. Ultimately, a business is always of the […]

Work, residence permit processes to undergo major overhaul

What is the change? Ukrainian officials will soon implement a major overhaul of some of the country’s key immigration programs. What does the change mean? Effective Sept. 27, Ukrainian officials will enforce new rules for the country’s work permit and temporary residence permit programs. The changes will affect documentation requirements, validity periods, salary minimums, processing […]

The nine secrets of successful CEOs

By Nicola Sinclair, CA Today 7 March 2016 Nicola Sinclair finds out the secrets to being successful at the very top of the business ladder. Every individual brings their own unique perspective to a business, and CEOs are no exception. Where one business leader might steer his or her company to greatness through strong authority […]