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About company

ASAP GLOBAL Company is Ukraine’s professional recruitment agency. ASAP GLOBAL is a product, specially designed for providing recruitment services to foreign companies and meeting the needs of those professionals who are serious about working, gaining experience and developing their skills outside Ukraine.

ASAP GLOBAL Company works with all kinds of clients, such as large corporations, small and midsize companies. We provide a full suite of abroad job placement services.

Mission and values

  • We promote greater economic openness, we are engaged in the development of an integrated international community of professionals.
  • We are focused on both understanding and accomplishment of Customer’s objectives and satisfaction of the professional development zone of our candidates.
  • We deliver quality driven and efficient service to our foreign customers and Ukrainian professionals, meeting the needs of both parties.
  • We cooperate only with stable companies on the contract basis.
  • We conduct a high-quality selection of skilled professionals.
  • We help to select an ideal contact and agree on it on the best terms.
  • Only legal and formal employment.

We are the part of APERCON GROUP of companies

APERCON Group of Companies offers a wide range of consulting products, delivering innovative solutions for businesses and providing multiple high-quality service to enterprises. We are partnering both large and small companies across all industries on behalf of our main brands:

  • APERCON is Ukraine’s leading consulting company
  • ASAPGLOBAL is a recruitment company for the employment outside Ukraine
  • APERS is an engineering company for ERP system solutions
  • Personnel Consulting is a recruitment company

Why choose us?

Service Excellence
Reliable Professionals
Experience and Skills
Openness and Transparency

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